Job opportunities for your clients

Provide jobs for your clients in the Czech Republic

We have countless clients whose job vacancies are crying out for a new employee. But the journey to that person can be a long one, so we're here to make it as easy as possible. And that's for all parties involved. We serve as an intermediary between the company looking for an employee and the potential employee or employment agency. 

Step 1

Obtaining of the necessary documents

Once the power of attorney has been granted, we will obtain all necessary documents. During this process, we will request the details of the employees themselves, which will be used to create the necessary documents to apply for an employee card and other necessary documents. 

Step 2

Term for receipt of the entry visa

Your clients will then be given a date to collect their entry visa to come to the Czech Republic. Upon arrival, they must fulfil other necessary obligations - all of which we will inform you of in advance and guide you and your future employees through.

Step 3

Confirmation of completion and entry

A confirmation of compliance with the conditions for the issuance of documents will then be issued. On this basis, employees can start working in the Czech Republic without physically needing an employee card. The card will be issued subsequently by the Ministry of the Interior.

Are you looking for a job for your clients? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to guide you through the procedures and talk about cooperation.